2018 Capitol Concerts

Music Education Week at the Capitol

Due to inclement weather, today's (3/7/2019) Capitol Concerts and Collegiate Hill Day are cancelled. 

March 6-9, State Capitol, Lincoln, NE from 12:00-1 pm

We are pleased to announce the program for the 2018 Capitol Concerts during Nebraska's Music Education Week.  These performances will be in the Rotunda of the State Capitol, Lincoln, and State Senators are especially invited to attend, as well as the public.

The following ensembles were selected to perform.

TUESDAY, March 6
12:00 pm  Ashland-Greenwood High School Concert Choir, Amy Krance-Wendt, Director
12:30 pm  Scott Middle School Select Choir, Lincoln, Paul Eschliman, Director

12:00 pm  Malcolm High School Concert Band, Ryan Marsh, Director
12:30 pm  Lincoln Southwest High School Chamber Choir, Denise Cotton, Director

12:00 pm  Concordia Jr-Sr High School Concert Band, Omaha, Peter Klemp, Director
12:30 pm  Palmyra High School Choir, Beth McCreight, Director

FRIDAY, March 9
12:15 pm  Dawes Middle School Jazz Ensemble, Lincoln, Richard Marolf, Director
12:35 pm  Omaha Westside High School Chamber Ensemble, Lanny Stutheit, Director

Biographies for each Director may be viewed HERE



Applications for ensemble participation (20 minute concert) in the 2018 Capitol Concerts will be taken online from October 31 to January 19, 2018. The online application will consist of entering member and ensemble information, and uploading two selections (as mp3 files) as well as an ensemble photo, and director bio and photo.


  • Director must be an NMEA/NAfME member.
  • Only the ensemble that auditions (other than soloists or accompaniment chamber ensemble) may perform at Capitol Concerts.
  • Small instrumental chamber ensembles are encouraged to apply. (LARGE instrumental ensembles are not effective in the Capitol rotunda.)
  • Two good quality selections with a variety of musical styles must be uploaded to complete the application. Files should be labeled with the ensemble/school name, but the selections should NOT identify the ensemble.
  • A photo of the ensemble must be uploaded and the file labeled with the ensemble/school name.
  • All travel expenses are the responsibility of the school, not NMEA.
  • All equipment needs, with the exception of a piano, will be the responsibility of the school. Specific requests may be allowed after the selection process.
  • The Nebraska State Capitol and the Capitol complex are public buildings that are used daily for the purpose of government. It is understood that the behavior of students is the responsibility of the director and chaperones.
  • NMEA is not responsible for the legislative session going past 12 noon - no groups are allowed to perform while the Legislature is in session.
  • The selection of the ensembles shall be the responsibility of a committee selected by the NMEA Executive Board. Notification of the selected ensembles will be made the week of January 22. Selection will be based on equity regarding instrumental/vocal, grade level, school size and geographic location. No more than two ensembles will perform each day.
  • NMEA Policy: Groups performing for the 2016 or 2017 NMEA Education Week are NOT eligible in 2018.

 Applications are now closed.