2019 All-State

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The annual All-State Ensembles will be held November 21-23, 2019 (Thursday through Saturday) in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Children's Choir will perform on Thursday, November 21, and the final All-State Jazz Band, Chorus, Band and Orchestra performances will be Saturday, November 23. 

Official All-State Merchandise Information:

PepWear Flyer  

Anderson Photo Order Form  - View proofs/order online at https://andersonelrod.smugmug.com/ (Look for 2  NMEA 2019 Galleries; use Password nmea2019)

Video/CD Final Concert Order Form - Soundwaves
          Soundwaves Online Ordering: https://soundwaves.org/shoppingcart/search.php?search_query=Nebraska+2019&x=17&y=8


2019 All-State Selected Participants

The list of selected student participants, by Ensemble, will be posted here at 8:00 am on Wednesday, October 16, 2019.

     2019 All-State Chorus  

     2019 All-State Band  

     2019 All-State Orchestra  

     2019 All-State Jazz Band  


All-State Auditions Key Dates

August 19         Registration for All-State Auditions, regular fee of $20 through Sept. 9
September 10  Registration for All-State
Auditions through September 16, late fee of $40

September 18  Instrumental Audition window opens at 8:00 am
September 28  Instrumental Audition window closes at 11:59 pm

October 4         Choir Audition window opens at 6:00 am
October 5         Choir Audition window closes at 11:59 pm

October 16       Announcement of Selected Ensembles at 8:00 am

All-State Audition Manual

All-State General Info Manual - NMEA Members: Be sure to download and read this manual for general information about the auditions process and completing student applications.  The link to register students on Opus Events is contained in this manual.

Tips for Registering Students for Auditions:

1. Log into your NMEA membership record at www.nmeanebraska.org.  Two things have to be the same in Opus and your NMEA record: 1) your Membership ID #, and 2) the primary email in your NMEA account.

2. Your NMEA record must also show that your membership is not expired.

If your membership is expired or about to expire (prior to November 23, 2019), then renew online at https://nafme.org/join-renew/.  WHEN YOU RENEW/JOIN, please email your paid dues receipt to NMEA's Executive Director (executive@nmeanebraska.org) so that your membership record may be updated quickly and accurately.

3. Download and follow the 2019 Audition Manual General Info.  This manual gives you the link to Opus Events, as well as instructions for registration.  Again, use the same email as what is in your NMEA membership record.  Log in, or create an account if you have not had one previously. Then:

     - Go to your User Profile.
     - Click on "Link a Membership".
     - Choose NMEA and enter your credentials.
     - After you have added NMEA, click on the "Home" icon in the menu bar.
     - You will see "2019 Nebraska All-State"; select this option.

Questions about membership may be directed to NMEA Executive Director, Annette Peters, by phone at 402-937-3359 or by email to executive@nmeanebraska.org.

For questions on the audition process, including student information and Opus field questions, contact NMEA Director of Auditions & Ensemble Affairs Rick Mitchell at (308) 293-1718 or ricmitchell@kearneycats.com.


All-State Conductors

  • Col. Jason Fettig, All-State Band Conductor
  • Brady Allred, All-State Chorus Conductor
  • Allistair Willis, All-State Orchestra Conductor
  • Ronald McCurdy, All-State Jazz Band Conductor
  • Andy Beck, Children's Choir Conductor

All-State Hotel List & Maps

Map of Downtown Lincoln          Downtown Lincoln Parking Map  

2019 Hotel List  


$  15  Children's Choir Final Concert Ticket

$  25  All-State Final Concert Ticket for each concert
          (Jazz Band/Chorus is one concert; Orchestra/Band is one concert)

$20   Early Registration Fee for All-State Auditions
$40   Late Registration Fee for All-State Auditions

$  60  Children's Chorus Registration Fee (includes lunch and t-shirt, tax inclusive)
$  15  Children's Chorus Lunch for parents, teachers (tax inclusive)
$  10  Children's Chorus T-shirt for parents, teachers (tax inclusive)