2019 All-State

The annual All-State Ensembles will be held November 21-23, 2019 (Thursday through Saturday) in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Children's Choir will perform on Thursday, November 21, and the final All-State Jazz Band, Chorus, Band and Orchestra performances will be Saturday, November 23.

All-State Auditions Key Dates

August 19         Registration for All-State Auditions, regular fee of $20 through Sept. 9
September 10  Registration for All-State
Auditions through September 16, late fee of $40

September 18  Instrumental Audition window opens at 8:00 am
September 28  Instrumental Audition window closes at 11:59 pm

October 4         Choir Audition window opens at 6:00 am
October 5         Choir Audition window closes at 11:59 pm

October 16       Announcement of Selected Ensembles at 8:00 am

All-State Conductors

  • Col. Jason Fettig, All-State Band Conductor
  • Brady Allred, All-State Chorus Conductor
  • Allistair Willis, All-State Orchestra Conductor
  • Ronald McCurdy, All-State Jazz Band Conductor
  • Andy Beck, Children's Choir Conductor

All-State Locations

Map of Downtown Lincoln          Downtown Lincoln Parking Map  

2019 Hotel List  


$  15  Children's Choir Final Concert Ticket

$  25  All-State Final Concert Ticket for each concert
          (Jazz Band/Chorus is one concert; Orchestra/Band is one concert)

$20   Early Registration Fee for All-State Auditions
$40   Late Registration Fee for All-State Auditions

$  60  Children's Chorus Registration Fee (includes lunch and t-shirt, tax inclusive)
$  15  Children's Chorus Lunch for parents, teachers (tax inclusive)
$  10  Children's Chorus T-shirt for parents, teachers (tax inclusive)

Memorabilia for All-State Ensembles will be offered in September.