2019 Children's Choir

What is the Children's Choir?

Students in fourth and fifth grades (whose teachers are NMEA members) are offered a chance to work with acclaimed conductors during odd-years of the Nebraska Music Education Association Conference/Clinic. This is a one-day event with the final performance on the Lied Center for Performing Arts main stage. This year's date is Thursday, November 21, 2019.

Who is the Conductor?

Andy Beck will be conducting the choir for November 2019.  Andy Beck is the Director of Choral Publications at Alfred Music. A prolific composer and arranger, he has over 450 popular choral works, vocal resources, and children’s musicals currently in print, including the highly regarded method books Sing at First Sight, Foundations in Choral Sight Singing and Vocalize! 45 Vocal Warm-Ups That Teach Technique. A quick search on YouTube will confirm that Andy’s music is performed by singers worldwide.

Mr. Beck is in demand as a guest conductor, adjudicator, and clinician for music educators and students throughout the United States. In recent years, he has been a commissioned composer and/or guest conductor for honor choirs of all ages, including all-state groups throughout the country.

With a Bachelors degree in Music Education from Ithaca College and a Masters degree in Music Education from Northwest Missouri State University, Mr. Beck is fully committed to arts education, music literacy, and choral artistry. This passion is evident, not only in his own writing, but also in the high-quality publications available through the catalog he cultivates for Alfred Music.

Who can attend?

•    Students attending must be registered and attending the school or home school listed on the registration. •    Students must be under the direction of an NMEA member.
•    Students must be in the fourth or fifth grade during the 2019-2020 school year.
•    The director MUST be registered and attend the conference/clinic with their student(s).
•    If you wish to become a member of this organization visit: www.nafme.org.

What is the repertoire?

The songs for the 2019 Children's Choir are:

1.     SING TO ME  2 pt. (Andrea Ramsey)
2.     CALICO CAT  2 pt. (Andy Beck)
3.     TONGO  2 pt. (arr. Greg Gilpin)
4.     A CHILD OF SONG 2 pt. (Andy Beck)
5.     RIVERSONG  2 pt. (Andy Beck)
6.     LET THERE BE PEACE 2 pt. (Andy Beck)

How do I register my student(s)?

•    Registration application link will be posted on this website about mid-August 2019.
•    You may select one student for every 25 students that you teach in grades four and five. For example: if you teach 68 fourth graders and 72 fifth graders you could send in five names. If you teach a total of 50 students or less you may submit two names. We will do our best to include both of them in the event.
•    Our goal is 350 singers from around the state of Nebraska.
•    Complete the online registration form on or before midnight, September 20, 2019.

Is there a fee for this event? If so what does it cover?

•    There is a $60 fee (including tax) per student selected for this event.
•    It covers the clinic fees, T-shirt, snack and lunch.

When will I know which students were accepted?

•    You will receive an email verification by September 23, listing all of the singers that have been accepted and further instructions.  Payment must be received by September 30, 2019.

Is there a possibility that some of my students would not be selected to participate? 

•    Yes, because we want to include a representation from as many schools across the state as possible, students will not be selected on a first come basis. •    Rather, students will be selected from all applications that are received by the deadline date of midnight September 20, 2019. •    We are held to a maximum of 350 singers for this event.

What do I do after I know which students have been selected? 

•    After you have been notified which singers have been accepted you will need to submit a payment of $60.00 for each student selected.
•    NMEA does NOT accept checks or purchase orders for students. Payment must be made online through the emailed invoice that teachers receive by email. Invoices will include student registration fees, as well as fees for any additional T-shirts or lunches. Payments must be made in order to participate. Please follow up with your district office to assure payments have been made on time.
•    Register yourself for Conference online.
•    Order music from jwpepper.com

Clinic Information

Is there a dress code for the students?

•    The students need to wear BLACK pants for the performance with their T-shirt.
•    They will receive their T-shirt at check-in and will be asked to change after lunch for the performance.
•    The students need to wear their black pants for the day to save time when changing clothes.
•    Please wear appropriate shoes for movement. No heeled shoes for the girls as it will change the height line up for the risers.
•    White shoes are not allowed because they “stand out” on stage.
•    Select student shoes carefully as they must be able to move easily and quietly on stage.
•    No large hair bows/hats are permitted. If there are medical reasons to support hats, etc. please make sure this is indicated on registration so they are not told to remove them.

Where will snacks and lunch be served for the students?

•    Students will be eating their snack and a bag lunch at Westbrook Music Building.
•    Snack will be fruit cups and bottled water.
•    Lunch will be bag lunches with different offerings of meat/vegetarian and chips.
•    We encourage teachers/chaperones to join their students for lunch. Bag lunches are available for $15.
•    Teachers may order their lunches online when registering your student(s). ONLY ORDER YOUR TEACHER LUNCH ONCE AND NOT WITH EVERY STUDENT YOU REGISTER!

What parking is available in this area?

•    Parking is available at parking garages and metered street parking.
•    You cannot park on UNL lots as these are tagged for University professors and students and will be monitored throughout the day.

What is available for hotels if we come to Lincoln on Wednesday evening or choose to stay over on Thursday night?

There are many hotels around the downtown area.  A detailed listing of available hotels in the area, with the NMEA Room rate is available online.

What is the student schedule for the day?


Check-in     7:30-8:00 am      Kimball Recital Hall Lobby
 Rehearsal     8:00-9:45 am Kimball Recital Hall (RCH)  
 Break 9:45-10:15 am Westbrook Music Building (WMB) Rooms 130 & 132
 Rehearsal 10:15 am-12:00 pm   KRH
 Lunch  12:00-1:00 pm  WMB 130 & 132
 Rehearsal  1:00-2:00 pm  KRH
 Break  2:00-2:30 pm  (Restrooms, if needed)
     Move to Lied Center
 Dress Rehearsal   2:30-3:30 pm  Lied Center Stage
 Break  3:30-3:45 pm  KRH
 Line-up  3:45-4:00 pm  Stage entrance
 CONCERT  4:00 pm  Lied Center
 Teacher pick-up***  Immediately following concert   KRH - no parents, please

***Teachers should arrange a meeting place for parents outside of Kimball Hall so we can clear the building quickly and safely for the singers.

What will be available for teachers while students are rehearsing?

•    The NMEA Conference will offer professional development sessions for Elementary teachers in Westbrook and the Lied Center rooms during the student rehearsals.  
•    Other elementary sessions will be offered throughout the Conference.

Is there a fee for the concert performance and can parents attend?

•    Tickets may be purchased for the concert performance.
•    The concert ticket fee is $15.00, which includes Lied Center fees.  Teachers of selected students will be given a ticket purchase form to share with parents. 

Can we videotape or take pictures of the program?

•    No. Lied Center policy dictates that no photos or video may be taken in the performance area.  NMEA prohibits videotaping and/or photography of rehearsals as well.
•    You can purchase a video of the performance through Soundwaves before or after the program or online.
•    Photos of the event can be purchased through Anderson Photography before or after the program or online.  - View proofs/order online at https://andersonelrod.smugmug.com/ (Look for NMEA 2019 Galleries; use Password nmea2019)

What happens if there is a snowstorm or my student becomes ill?

•    NMEA policy states that no refunds will be given for singers unable to attend.
•    Please contact Children's Choir Coordinator, Judy Welch,  if your student will not be able to attend so an alternate can be selected if possible.

CHILDREN's CHOIR Image Release Form 

Click HERE to download. Teachers should bring completed forms to check-in on Nov. 21.  



Registration closed at 11:59 PM CST on September 20, 2019.