2019 Election

Board Positions on the 2019 Ballot

President-Elect - Job Description
Director of Choral Affairs - Job Description
Director of Orchestral Affairs - Job Description

Clicking on "Job Description" after each position will give you an opportunity to learn about the responsibilities of this position. In addition to specific responsibilities, all board members must be prepared to serve as a nonprofit board leader. Click here to read the "Nonprofit Board Member Job Description."

Each candidate will be asked to share a short biography, a high resolution head shot, and to answer the following three questions in writing:
1. What does Nebraska's music education of the future look like?
2. What specific strengths, skills and ideas do you possess that will make you a better member of the board of directors?
3. What do you feel NMEA leadership needs to do to strengthen music education, the profession, and our organization?

If interested in being on the 2019 ballot for one of the above board positions, please contact Nominations Committee Chair, Fred Ritter.