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Annually Nebraska Music Education Association (NMEA) provides an opportunity for high school students (grades 9-12) to participate in an all-state honor ensemble:

  • All-State Chorus
  • All-State Band
  • All-State Jazz Band
  • All-State Orchestra

Students of NMEA members are encouraged to audition for this opportunity to perform under the tutelage of a nationally known conductor.  Rehearsals are conducted on Days 1 and 2 and the morning of Day 3, with performances at the Lied Center for Performing Arts in Lincoln, Nebraska the afternoon and evening of Day 3. 

Future Dates:
2019 – Thursday-Saturday, November 21-23 
2020 - Thursday-Saturday, November 19-21 
2021 - Wednesday-Friday, November 17-19 
2022 - Wednesday-Friday, November 16-18 
2023 - Thursday-Saturday, November 16-18 
2024 - Wednesday-Friday, November 20-22 
2025 - Thursday-Saturday, November 20-22

NMEA All-State and conference dates were chosen to take advantage of the availability of hotels and conference facilities. Please put these dates on your school calendars and notify all necessary school officials. Working several years ahead will help avoid conflicts with other school activities.



NMEA complies with the UNL Youth Activity and Safety Policy which can be found here.