Distinguished Service Award

Bryan R. Johnson Distinguished Service Award Recipients*

Year         Recipient - City/School/Company

2018        Jay Gilbert, Hastings College
2018        Roger Groth, Omaha
2018        Fred Ritter, Columbus
2018        Roxanne Smith, Lincoln
2017        Chiyo Trauernicht, Blair Community Schools 
2017        Hastings College, Hastings 
2016        Judith Bush, Lincoln
2016        Mark Nealeigh, Lincoln 
2015        Joyce Patch, Broken Bow 
2015        Dan Ehly, Lincoln 
2015        Marilyn Godby, Papillion 
2014        Jesse Snyder, Lied Center for Performing Arts  
2014        Jay Sears, Nebraska State Education Association 
2014        Nancy Fulton, Nebraska State Education Association 
2014        Ruth Moore, Hastings College 
2014        Eileen Brewster, Lied Center for Performing Arts 
2013        Terri Lee, Lincoln 
2013        Rebecca Wilhelm, Norris Schools 
2012        Bryan R. Johnson (deceased)           
2012        Linda Donohue,  Des Plaines, IL
2012        Ray Miller (deceased)                         
2012        Lance D. Nielsen, Doane College
2012        Bill Roehrs, Lincoln
2012        Marsha Steffens, JW Pepper
2011        Roger Groth, Omaha Westside 
2011        Hastings College, Dept of Music Hastings College 
2011        University of Nebraska Lincoln School of Music, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 
2011        Jim Schulz, Lincoln Public Schools
2011        Joel Sunderman, Lincoln
2010        Patty Niemann, Lincoln
2010        Joan Reist, University of NE – Lincoln
2010        Christa Speed, Grand Island
2010        Dan Stratman, Lincoln Lied Center for Performing Arts 
2009        Bob Jenkins, Omaha Westside Middle 
2009        Barbara J Kluver, Hastings 
2009        Glenn E Nierman, University of NE – Lincoln 
2009        James R Saker, University of NE at Omaha 
2008        Larry Maupin, Grand Island 
2008        Barb Mock, Omaha 
2008        Mick Patch, Broken Bow 
2007        Brian Anderson, Fremont High 
2007        Duane E. Johnson, Hastings College 
2006        Mike Hogan, Jay’s Music 
2006        Jack Moore, Moore Music 
2006        Tim Pratt, Dietze Music 
2006        William Roehrs, Lincoln Schools 
2005        Dan Ehly, Lincoln Schools 
2005        Phil Fahrlander, Minden 
2005        Ken Molzer, Papillion 
2004        Linda Donohue, Blair Schools 
2004        Susan Hottovy, Lincoln Schools 
2004        Sharon Smith, Omaha Schools 
2004        Roger Thaden, Lincoln Schools 
2004        Claudianna Todd, Omaha Schools 
2003        Roger MacNeill, Chadron State College 
2003        Royce Schweitzer, Henderson Schools 
2003        Michael Veak, Estes Park, CO 
2001        Gerry Fuchs, Wingert Jones Music 
2001        Jeff Malan, Lincoln Convention & Visitor’s Bureau 
1999        Gene Torrens, Elkhorn Schools 
1996        Keith Heckman, Dietze Music 
1995        Robert A. Fought, University of Nebraska–Lincoln 
1994        Phil Fahrlander, Minden Schools


*Name changed in 2012 - previously known as Distinguished Service Award.