Elementary Educators
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Stephanie Bourek, Director of Elementary/General Music Affairs

I am very interested in helping be the voice for Nebraska elementary teachers and discovering how you would like to see NMEA support you. I know how much time and dedication is given to elementary and general music, and the many teachers that travel, teach multi-level and see hundreds of students in a week. NMEA can be a support system for you.

Please let us know what would be helpful to you. Is it lesson plans, concert suggestions, tips on staying energized, instructional models used, or do you have a specific question we can post and others may answer? We can post information on social media and on this website page. (Coming Soon:  our own community forum page!)

For starters, two of my elementary teachers and I attended the 2017 performing ensemble Lincoln Christian Singing Crusaders/Sesquicentennial Program during the All-State Conference. It truly was an exciting presentation and Director Phil Boehr is including this link for all elementary teachers in NMEA, inviting you to perform this program this spring. He is offering it free because he wants others to give this as a gift to their students, communities and to the State of Nebraska. You will be able to view the performance and read the script from the link below.


I look forward to your comments. Please email me HERE. Let me know if you have an inspiring music quote to add too.

Inspiring music quotes:

  • The forests would be silent if the only birds that sang were those that sang best. 
  • Music is what feelings sound like.
  • She believed she could change the world so she became a music teacher!